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Online Homeopathic Consultations

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Homeopathic Consultation Sydney-RC Homeopathy


Using the latest state-of-art technology, our online consultation is well designed and can serve you well, if making an actual visit to our place is not a convenient option for you.

If you are located in any remote part of the world, you can still take an online consultation with us and have your products dispatched at your doorstep.

Combining our real-time experience with the latest technology standards, we offer an online consultation that replicates exactly an experience a patient gets making an actual visit to the RC homeopathy.

Breaking place and time barriers, you can take consultation with us in a very convenient way.

Our online homeopathic consultation is one of the popular subset of the entire set of practices we follow to make our patients experience comfortable and easy.

We would be pleased if we can assist you, whether it is any general inquiry or booking an appointment.

Please fill this contact form. We will get back to you soon.


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Pre-Consultation preparation-Basic form


Please fill the above form by choosing ‘General/Appointment Enquiry’ regarding your consultation inquiries, so that we can know where to target our efforts.


Support team reaches you for further details


Just after filling the form, please check your email. Within 24 hours, you will receive all the details regarding your inquiry/consultation request. 

Please check the below to understand the modes of online consultation:


Modes of online homeopathic consultation


Choose one of the following options for online consultation with our Homeopath.

  • Skype – Available for Windows and Macintosh. Get it here.
  • WhatsApp – Use WhatsApp Web for desktop.
  • FaceTime – Available for iOS and Macintosh only.


You can also download these apps on your mobile device – Visit iTunes Store  for iOS and Google Play for Android

Your WhatsApp number, Skype ID, preferable time and date or any other relevant details will be collected as needed.

Note: If you have any queries or concerns regarding the online consultation process, do let us know so that someone from our support team can guide you through the same.


Steps of Online Consultation:


Setting up of a phone/video call appointment


Depending upon the mode of online consultation chosen above, we will set an appointment for you with our Homeopath. The final confirmation along with date and time will be sent to your email ID.


Dispatch of remedy along with the prescription leaflet


After the online consultation, comes the dispatch of homeopathic preparations selected by our homeopath based on the analysis of your health issue.

We make our best efforts to dispatch the prescription on the very same day itself but if not, we surely dispatch it by the following business day on making the payment.


Follow-Up Consultations


As our homeopath might consider some worthy changes from time to time during the entire period of your therapy with us, our friendly staff will get in touch with you to fix a follow up consultation. These changes may involve inclusion of new products, re-evaluation of your symptoms and dosage amount, removal of the existing ones pertaining to the improved situation, or any other changes that the progress in your case may require.

 Apart from the consultation schedule during the entire course of your treatment with us, if you need our assistance drop us an email and our support will reach you shortly.

Making our online consultation process abreast of the latest homeopathic standard practices and research, we make sure that you get support for your health problem in as few sessions as possible. But sometimes, owing to the inherent nature of the condition, we are bound to conduct further sessions occurring mostly in the case of long term health problems demanding constitutional preparations. In these scenarios, we have no control and request your patience and support.

You can order our online services at your preferable date and time sitting at any corner of the world. Just fill up the form above and we will guide you through the next steps accordingly.


For Homeopathic consultation, Sydney  you can chat with us by clicking the chat icon below or you can register your case with us by emails or call us directly on

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Online Homeopathic Consultations